Care and Conservation of Natural History Collections
David Carter

David Carter is Collections Manager, Entomology Department, The Natural History Museum, London. Annette Walker is Assistant Director of the International Institute of Entomology.

• Plant material - dry preserved
• Invertebrates - dry preserved
• Vertebrates - dry preserved
• Fluid preserved collections
• Genetic material
• The museum environment
• Policies and procedures
• Pest control

This book covers the physical care of botanical and zoological collections for scientific teaching and display purposes with emphasis on preservation for scientific value.

A wide range of international experts with hands-on experience of collections have been chosen to contribute chapters on the care and conservation of both dried and fluid-preserved collections of plant material, vertebrates and invertebrates. The emphasis is on remedial conservation, ie the employment of best practice to prevent or arrest the long-term deterioration of specimens to preserve their scientific and cultural worth. Special chapters will cover the fields of genetic material, pest control, the museum environment - policies and procedures, with appendices on such topics as documentation and disaster planning.

ISBN: 0750609613
Pages: 256
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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