Conservation of Historic Buildings
Bernard Feilden

Bernard Feilden, CBE, Director, Emeritus ICCROM; Architectural Conservation Consultant

PART I: Structural aspects of historic buildings
PART II: Causes of decay in materials and structure
PART III: The work of the conservation architect

The result of the lifetime's experience of one of the world's leading architectural conservators, the book comprehensively surveys the fundamental principles of conservation in their application to historic buildings, and provides the basic information needed by architects, engineers and surveyors for the solution of problems of architectural conservation in almost every climatic region of the world. This softcover edition is organised into three complementary parts: in the first the structure of buildings is dealt with in detail; the second focuses attention on the causes of decay and the materials they affect; and the third considers the practical role of the architect involved in conservation and rehabilitation. As well as being essential reading for architects and others concerned with conservation, many lay people with various kinds of responsibility for historic buildings will find this clearly written, jargon-free work a fruitful source of guidance and information.

ISBN: 075061739X
Pages: 360
Publisher: Architectural Press

Price: £36.00