Care and Conservation of Palaeontological Material
Chris Collins

Chris Collins are Conservator/Technical Officer, Geological Conservation Unit, Dept Earth Sciences, Cambridge University. Also author of 'Care and Conservation of Paleontological Materials', Butterworth-Heinemann 1995

Paleontological materials present a wide range of problems to the conservator; from the organic composition of sub-fossil and mummified materials, to the problems of mounting media associated with SEM stubs and slides commonly associated withpalaeontological materials, to the problems of inorganic materials such as microfossils, palaeobotanical materials and supporting shale and other matrixes.

This book, for the first time, provides essential information for conservators and other workers of the mechanisms of deterioration of palaeontological materials, resins, adhesive and consolidants that have been used on geological material in the past, and suggests methods of passive control and treatment of deteriorating material. Written by conservators, geological technicians and academic geologists, the book discusses the variety of different approaches to the care and conservation of palaeontological objects which reflects the differing use of the materials within collections. As such the book will be of use to anybody working with palaeontological materials, particularly those involved in the care and conservation of palaeontological objects and collections. The book concentrates on the science behind the field and encourages a more conservation orientated approach to these materials, which is new to most palaeontologists.

ISBN: 075061742X
Pages: 160
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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