Museum Environment
Garry Thompson CBE

Garry Thompson works at The National Gallery, London

• Light
• Humidity
• Air pollution
• Future trends in environmental control

Since the timely publication of the first two editions of this book in hardback, interest in preventive conservation has continued to grow strongly making publication of this paperback edition all the more welcome. Those whose responsibility it is to care for the valuable and beautiful objects in the world's collections have become increasingly aware that it is better to prevent their deterioration, by ensuring that they are housed and displayed in the best possible environmental conditions, than to wait until restoration and repair are necessary. The changes for the second edition have been mainly concentrated in the sections on electronic hygrometry, new fluorescent lamps, buffered cases, air conditioning systems, data logging, and control within historic buildings. A new appendix, giving a summary of museum specificiations for conservation, provides a useful, quick reference.

ISBN: 0750620412
Pages: 312
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Price: £29.99