Radiography of Cultural Material
Andrew Middleton and Janet Lang

Both authors work at the Department of Scientif Research, British Museum

• Radiography: theory and practice
• Metals
• Ceramics
• X-rays and paper
• Paintings
• Chemical radiography and archaeo-human remains
• Applications of radiography in conservation
• Restoration, pastiche and fakes
• An introduction to digital image processing

This book explores some of this multitude of applications through a series of chapters, each written by practitioners in their particular field. These accounts include descriptions of some less familiar methods, such as xeroradiography, stereoradiography and the application of recenty introduced image processing techniques. They demonstrate vividly the versatility of radiography, and the range of topics discussed illustrates the valuable contribution that radiography can make to the study of artfacts made from a variety of materials, from many different cultures.For the most part, the book is arranged on the basis of the nature of the materials studied; the particular concerns of the conservator are then consdered, followed by a discussion of the use of radiography in the detection of restoration, pastiche and fakes. The final chapter provides an account of the application of computer-based image processing techniques.

ISBN: 0750626216
Pages: 192
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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