Historic Floors, Their History and Conservation
Jane Fawcett

• The archaeology of church and cathedral floors
• Tiled, mosaic, Cosmati, marble and stone pavements
• Ledger stones and monumental brasses
• Recording methods and conservation options
• Photographic recording
• The retrieval of damaged inscriptions through remote sensing techniques
• The conservation of the excavated floor
• Palaces, public buildings, houses and villas
• Marble parquetry and carpets
• The Palace of Westminster
• Encaustic pavements
• The Open House
• The management of visitors
• Floor studies of British cathedrals and greater churches
• Identification of areas at risk, and location of historic features.

Leading authorities, archaeologists, architects and archivists consider the latest methods of recording and repairing cathedral floors, including those of cathedrals, country houses, the monumental tiled pavements of the Palace of Westminster and other public buildings. Management policies to protect outstanding floors in over-visited sites are considered and historic features particularly at risk, are identified. Urgent action is recommended to contain the damage caused by the dramatic increase in tourism throughout Europe.
The book traces the history of some of the great floors of Europe from the fourth century B.C. and outlines the development of mosaic, tiles, marble and parquetry floors in secular buildings. The early Christian pavements in basilicas, temples and cathedrals, the creation of medieval tiles, ledger stones and monumental brasses, their destruction by iconoclasts and re-creation during the Gothic Revival, are also discussed.

ISBN: 0750627654
Pages: 272
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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