Restoration of Motion Picture Film
Paul Read and Mark-Paul Meyer

Paul Read is Consultant to Soho Images Ltd. Mark-Paul Meyer is Conservator/curator.

• Introduction to the restoration of motion picture film
• Cinematographic technology
• Reconstructing a film
• Image and sound restoration
• Techniques and case studies

The books data has its origins in a training programme called FILM which was written by members of the Gamma Group with funding from the EU fund Force. The committee comprised senior film archivists and technicians in charge of film conservation departments or working film laboratories within national film archives, together with technicians from commercial laboratories which specialise in archival film conservation and who do not work for national and local archives. The final group consisted of many of the most experienced individuals in their fields.

Separate funding was made available to allow the original group to present a more complete publication, under the EC Caleidoscope fund. Special sections on early coloured films, natural colour films and digital restoration have been added to the original contant, and the result is 'Restoration of Motion Picture Film'.

ISBN: 075062793X
Pages: 368
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Price: £60.00