Risk Assessment for Object Conservation
Jonathan Ashley-Smith

Jonathan Ashley-Smith is the Head of Conservation at Victoria and Albert Museum

• The Conservation Connection
• A Rough Guide to Risk
• Tricky Decisions
• The Model Museum
• Costs and Benefits
• Value
• Definitions of Damage
• Calculated Risk
• Big Trouble
• Chemical Reaction
• Physical Effect
• Light Entertainment
• The Things People Do
• Travelling Shows
• Ethics and Intervention
• Purpose and Presentation
• Expert Advice

This valuable book explains the mechanisms of deterioration of museum artifacts, quantifying the probability that damage will occur and estimating the rate of progress when it does. The principles outlined and the information provided will form a foundation for cost-benefit analysis of conservation proposals. Dr Ashley-Smith also gives comprehensive explanations of scientific of mathematical material to take into consideration the readers who have no background in these areas, alongside a basic introduction. The structure of the book provides a logical progression through tools, concepts information and examples.

ISBN: 0750628537
Pages: 256
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

Price: £29.99