Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics
Susan Buys and Victoria Oakley

Part I: The Technology of ceramics
• The deterioration of ceramics
• Prevention care of ceramics
• Examination and Recording.
Part II: The development of ceramics conservation
• Removal of previous restoration materials
• Cleaning
• Reinforcement and consolidation
• Bonding
• Replacement of lost material
• Retouching: the theory
• Retouching: the practice.
Part III: planning and equipping the studio
• Materials for ceramics conservation.
Part IV: Displaying and mounting ceramics
• Emergency procedures

Details on techniques are given in a series of chapters covering the restoration and conservation processes, but the emphasis is on the basic principles involved in the choice of materials and methods. The nature and properties of materials commonly in use are fully discussed and guidance is given on the facilities and equipment needed. Also covered in the book are old restoration materials and methods, the ethics of ceramics conservation, examination and recording, display treatments and emergency procedures. Now in paperback, this book will be invaluable to practising conservators and readers of conservation as well as of interest to museum curators and collectors.

ISBN: 0750632194
Pages: 256
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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