Conservation of Historic Timber Structures, An ecological approach
Knut Einar Larsen

Knut Einar Larsen are Professor of Architectural History and Preservation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Nils Marstein are Director General for the Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway.

• The sustainability of traditional materials andcraftsmanship
• Authenticity
• Diversity
• Benefits and drawbacks of moderntechnology
• Preservation of structures and preservation of techniques of craftsmanship
• Preservation starts in the forest
• Preventive conservation,documentation, maintenance and fire protection
• The durability of wood as abuilding material
• Alternatives to toxic chemicals
• Sustainable development:learning from historic timber structures
• Principles for the Preservation ofHistoric Timber Structures

Knut Einar Larsen and Nils Marstein provide a comprehensive preservation strategy that may be applied in practice, taking into account different cultures and traditions. It is a timely response to the needs of the international community for guidelines for the conservation of historic timber structures, and for others wishing to develop their knowledge of the preservation of our wooden cultural heritage. The book will also help those interested in modern building practices that are compatible with sustainable development.

ISBN: 0750634340
Pages: 160
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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