History of Architectural Conservation
Jukka Jokilehto

Jukka Jokilehto is Senior Programme Advisor to ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restorationof Cultural Property) where he has spent over 25 years working on all aspects of architectural conservation. He is also the President of the International Training Committee of ICOMOS, and was previously active with UNESCO and the World Heritage Convention. He studied architecture at Helsinki, and received his D. Phil. in conservation from the University of York, England.

• From Traditional to Modern Society
• Rediscovery of Antiquities
• The Age of Enlightenment
• Classical Monuments
• The Age of Romanticism
• Stylistic Restoration
• Conservation
• Theories and Concepts
• International Influences and Collaboration
• Definitions and Trends

This book is a scholarly work, based on archival research of original documents and the study of key restoration examples in countries that have influenced the international conservation movement. It includes conservation trends in Europe, the USA, India, Iran and Japan. The book is accessible and of great interest to students and the general public. Dr Jokilehto's work gives a fresh look to this highly up-to-date topic. It provides an insight into the philosophy behind the principal concepts and analyses the approach to conservation and restoration in today's multi-cultural society.Jukka Jokilehto is the Assistant to the Director General of ICCROM,

ISBN: 0750637935
Pages: 368
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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