Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone
F.G. Dimes and J. Ashurst

Part one is an introduction to the complexities and background history of stone conservation followed by the most comprehensive description yet produced of the building and decorative stones used in the British Isles.In part two, practitioners involved in stone conservation describe ways in which major structural masonry problems, secondary building problems and different stone surface conditions may be treated. A variety of building types and environments has been used to ensure that the broad scope of common problems is covered. This second part of the book will be of practical value to art historians, archaeologists, architects, surveyors and engineers, masonry contractors and sculpture conservators in solving problems and in learning to use each other's skills and experience.

VOLUME ONE: An introduction to the restoration, conservation and repair of stone
• The nature of building and decorative stones
• Igneous rocks
• Sedimentary rocks
• Metamorphic rocks
• Determination of a sample
• Weathering and decay of masonry

VOLUME TWO: Methods of repairing and consolidating stone buildings
• Structural failure and repair
• The selection of stone for repairs
• Mortar for stone buildings
• Traditional handwork of stone
• Earthquake damage to historic masonry structures
• Cleaning masonry buildings
• Surface treatments
• The conservation of stone monuments in churches
• The conservation of stone sculpture in museums
• The museum display of architectural features
• The cleaning of painted stone

ISBN: 0750638982
Pages: 468
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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