Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice
Dinah Eastop and Kathryn Gill

Dinah Eastop is Senior Lecturer and Kathryn Gill is Senior Lecturer/Conservator both at the Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton.

• The principles and practices of upholstery coservation
• Object Treatment
• Case Histories
• Case studies including

Likewise, the contributors, from both sides of the Atlantic, are world-renowned specialists and leaders in this area of conservation working for the public and private sectors.Another key purpose of the book is to raise awareness of the importance of upholstery conservation in the museum, historic house and the private sectors.Through many well illustrated case studies the inter-disciplinary collaboration fundamental to upholstery conservation, and the complex decision-making process involved in the treatment of upholstered furniture, are made evident.The case histories, illustrated in colour, black and white and specially prepared line drawings, concern object treatment and documentation, the conservation of information, the function and the artefact. They range from the documentation of eighteenth century removable chair covers and the treatment of a nineteenth century carriage to a twentieth century foam-filled chair belonging to a museum.The book will appeal to those people involved in the care, interpretation and the treatment of upholstered furniture: conservators (especially those of furniture and textiles), curators, custodians, specialist upholsterers, conservation students and heritage management consultants. It will be a very useful reference book to all undergraduate and postgraduate courses in conservation.

ISBN: 0750645067
Pages: 232
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

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