Collection Care & Management har selektert flere bøker om bevaring og museologi. Vårt viktigste mål er å tilby våre kunder muligheter for å bli oppdatert om de nyeste utviklinger i sin fagområde. Bøkene som er til salgs er gitt ut av Reed Educational & Professional Publishing Limited ('REPP').

Organic chemistry of museum objects
John Mills and Raymond White

The Organic Chemistry of Museum Objects' makes available in a single volume, a survey of the chemical composition, properties and analysis of the whole range of organic materials incorporated into objects and artworks found in museum collections.

Price: £29.99
ISBN: 0750646934



Materials for Conservation
C.V. Horie

The definitive introduction to the properties of materials used in conservation. It explains clearly the potentials and pitfalls of any proposed technique, providing a convenient summary of necessary information.

Price: £22.99

ISBN: 0750608811



Care and Conservation of Natural History Collections
David Carter

Practical manual containing guidance, recommendations and advice for natural history curation and conservation. A manual for curators and collections managers containing practical guidance, recommendations and advice across the whole field of natural history curation (excluding palaeontology).

Price: £55.00

ISBN: 0750609613



Conservation of Historic Buildings
Bernard Feilden

Since its publication in 1982 Sir Bernard Feilden's Conservation of Historic Buildings has become the standard text for architects and others involved in the conservation of historic structures. Leading practitioners around the world have praised the book as being the most significant single volume on the subject to be published. Now the book is re-issued with revisions in softcover so that a greater audience can enjoy this classic book.

Price: £36.00

ISBN: 075061739X


Care and Conservation of Palaeontological Material
Chris Collins

Palaeontological material within collections is increasingly becoming a unique resource, as pressure on geological sites for building or landfill increases, or palaeontological sites become overworked. It is important that the palaeontological collection is seen as a resource of equal value to those of the arts, and as such is maintained cared for and conserved as such. This book provides the basic information necessary for the care and conservation of palaeontological materials.

Price: £65.00

ISBN: 075061742X



Museum Environment
Garry Thompson CBE

The Museum Environment is in two parts; Part I: intended for conservators and museum curators and describes the principles and techniques of controlling the environment so that the potentially damaging effects of light, humidity and air pollution on museum exhibits may be minimised. Part II: the author brings together and summarises information and data, hitherto widely scattered in the literature of diverse fields, which is essential to workers in conservation research.

Price: £29.99
ISBN: 0750620412



Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation
Agnes Timar-Balazsy and Dinah Eastop

Comprehensive coverage of the subject by a chemist and a conservator. The book fills the gap between traditional chemistry books and available books on textile conservation.
It combines theory with practice and provides conservation scientists with a useful introduction to issues in textile conservation.

Price: £75.00
ISBN: 0750626208



Radiography of Cultural Material
Andrew Middleton and Janet Lang

Radiography is a versatile technique with many applications to archaeological and art historical artefacts. It can be used to assess the condition of objects before conservation treatment, to gain insight into materials used and methods of construction, and to reveal teh secrets of teh embalmer's art, hidden within mummified remains. The techniques can be applied to materials as diverse as paper, wood, ceramic and metal, as well as to human and other animal remains. Radiographic examination may provide images of objects concealed within a mass of corrosion and may even reveal a previously unknown painting, hidden beneath a later work. All of this can be carried out non-destructively, making radiography an invaluable tool for the study of cultural materials. The book also includes an introduction to digital image processing.

Price: £49.50

ISBN: 0750626216



Historic Floors, Their History and Conservation
Jane Fawcett

The first book in the UK to be devoted to historic floors. Contributions from leading practitioners in their fieldIn association with ICOMOS UK (International Council on Monuments and Sites). Identifies and addresses worldwide problems in urgent need of solution.

Price: £60.00
ISBN: 0750627654



Restoration of Motion Picture Film
Paul Read and Mark-Paul Meyer

This is the first book to bring together the work of a modern motion picture film laboratory together with the specialist techniques for preservation and restoration of archival film. Restoration of Motion Picture Film is an extremely informative, well-researched book. Conservators, archivists, conservation students and curators of film history and film will find it of great interest and use.

Price: £60.00
ISBN: 075062793X



Risk Assessment for Object Conservation
Jonathan Ashley-Smith

'Risk Assessment for Object Conservation' reflects Dr Jonathan Ashley-Smith's personal interests and views in areas including materials science, the ethics of restoration, the costs of conservation and the philosophy of museums.

Price: £29.99
ISBN: 0750628537



Conservation of Brick
John Warren

John Warren's invaluable book describes historic brick and terracotta, setting out the causes of failure and decay, analysing available materials and evaluating processes of repair and applicable conservation philosophies. It provides the conservator, owner and student of building conservation with a comprehensive resource.

Price: £65.00

ISBN: 0750630914



Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics
Susan Buys and Victoria Oakley

The Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics brings together the wide range of current information relevant to the practising conservator. The book opens with a discussion of the fundamental nature of the ceramic medium, information which is of primary importance when selecting treatments or considering preventive conservation measures.

Price: £35.00
ISBN: 0750632194



Conservation of Historic Timber Structures, An ecological approach
Knut Einar Larsen

A new, universally applicable approach to preservation based on the 'Principles for the Preservation of Historic Timber Structures', adopted by the International Wood Committee of ICOMOS (The International Council on Monuments and Sites). An ecological and environmentally responsible guide to preservation, founded on respect for traditional crafts and building techniques.

Price: £35.00
ISBN: 0750634340



Digital Collections, Museums and the Information Age
Suzanne Keene

The book explains the Information Age/Information Economy and the strategic implications for museums. It describes the effects of increasing use of IT in museums and its future developmentsInvaluable for museum staff, multimedia professionals and studentsIssues are clearly and comprehensively reviewed. Accompanying web site keeps readers bang up-to-date. Suzanne Keene's pioneering book shows how museums and other cultural organizations fit into the new world of information and electronic communications and, most importantly, how they can take advantage of what it has to offer.

Price: £21.99
ISBN: 0750634561



History of Architectural Conservation
Jukka Jokilehto

'A History of Architectural Conservation' expands knowledge about the conservation of ancient monuments, works of art and historic buildings. This includes the origins of the interest in conservation within the European context and the development of the concepts from Antiquity and the Renaissance to the present day. The influence this development has had on international collaboration in the protection and conservation of cultural heritage is covered. Also emphasized are the evolution of values from traditional to modern society, and the challenges of the present built environment.

Price: £57.50
ISBN: 0750637935


Textile Conservator's Manual
Sheila Landi

This second edition of 'Textile Conservator's Manual' provides an in-depth review of the current practice, ethics and materials used in textile conservation. Concentrating on decorative art objects from the major cultures, the book gives practical instruction and a wide variety of case histories.

Price: £32.50

ISBN: 0750638974



Conservation of Building and Decorative Stone
F.G. Dimes and J. Ashurst

One of the problems which beset the practical conservation of stone buildings is the fragmentation of the disciplines involved. This book, with both volumes now available as one invaluable paperback, brings these disciplines together by the involvement of contributors with different experiences and approaches to the same material.

Price: £37.50

ISBN: 0750638982



Conservation of Earth Structures
John Warren

Comprehensive coverage of the basic information for training and practice. This companion volume to 'Conservation of Brick' provides a fundamental understanding of the processes of repair and reconstruction of earth structures. The technical aspects of the study are treated from the non-scientist point of view to develop a working understanding of this relatively new field.

Price: £50.00
ISBN: 0750641916



Lacquer: Technology and Conservation
Marianne Webb

This book assesses current practices, enabling conservators to make informed decisions. For the conservator this book is an invaluable tool when examining the options available for treatment of lacquer. Not only does it cover the technology and methods of treatment for both types of lacquer, but it assesses current practices enabling the conservator to make more informed decisions.

Price: £50.00
ISBN: 0750644125



Upholstery Conservation: Principles and Practice
Dinah Eastop and Kathryn Gill

The purpose of this well referenced book is to provide an amply illustrated publication on upholstery conservation which discusses and reviews the issues related to the care, interpretation and treatment of upholstered furniture. The principles and practice of this specialist area of conservation will be demonstrated through a series of 11 case histories. The case histories are contributed by leading international practitioners in the field and concern objects and collections in the care of English Heritage, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other internationally renowned institutions.

Price: £45.00
ISBN: 0750645067